Monday, November 5, 2012

The Wednesday Wars

Holling Hoodhood is a 7th grader that is the only student that stays at Mrs. Baker's class after 1:55, on Wednesdays. His father cared most for business than Holling and his daughter. And, once, Mrs. Baker gave him a cream puff, but she didn't give to the other students, and she "innocently" announced that she gave him a cream puff, and she didn't give to the other students, so they forced him to buy them new cream puffs, from the Goldman's Best Bakery and bought them. Another thing that happend that Mrs. Baker did was that she made him read the whole book The Tempest twice, after a Wednesday.
So, my question is:
Why did Mrs. Baker say that she gave him a cream puff, in front of all of the students?


  1. I think Mrs. Baker said she had given Holling a cream puff in front of the whole class because she wanted Holling to get embarrassed because he was the only one who was offered one. His classmates would also want to have one, and would say that Holling was very selfish and didn't care about others. I think Mrs. Baker did it on purpose because she hates Holling Hoodhood from the first day of school and is trying to make things difficult for him.

  2. I think Mrs. Baker wanted to have some fun and cause mischief for Holling. I think she did that to see how he would handle it. Also she wanted to create mischief in his life including death threats, accidentally telling, embarrassing secrets, and embarrassing moments. I think she wants to be a thorn in his side the entire year.