Monday, April 8, 2013

Gilgamesh #1. Is Gilgamesh Guilty For Enkidu's Death?

I think that Gilgamesh is very guilty, because when Hunter came and asked about what to do with the Wild Man (Enkidu), Gilgamesh gave the idea of calling Hatti and taking her to tame the Wild Man. Also, Hunter didn't live in the city, so if he did, he wouldn't have found Enkidu, but he only lived outside the city because he wasn't allowed in there, like they showed in chapter one, the guard hissed to Hunter, and the woman turned aside. What means that if Gilgamesh have left Hunter live in the city, nothing would have happened with Enkidu, and he would not have died before the middle of the book.


  1. I agree with you but somethings I don't understand. I get your idea that Gilgamesh is guilty for Enkidu's death. But what I don't get is that you didn't put the reasons why Gilgamesh is guilty. Maybe next time you can be more specific and explain more. For example, you said about him bringing him to the city, but that doesn't tell why he is guilty for the death. What are the things they faced and went through that caused his death?

    1. Those things are also important, but I forgot to put them while I was doing it. But Gilgamesh making Hunter not welcome was important, because if he didn't make him not welcome, he wouldn't be hunting in the forest and have found Enkidu.