Saturday, May 25, 2013

The City of Ember #5

5) How has life in Ember changed since the seven minute power outage?  Can you think of events or disasters that have happened in our history that have been turning points for people to change their behaviors? (Chapters 9 - 11)

I think that people is starting to fear more the day that the lights will leave and never come back, because that was the largest blackout in Ember's story. I think that a accident that changed people's behavior was one like Lina's. When this blackout happened Lina was panicking because she had no idea of how to find her sister. She wanted to be close to her, but she also feared that she going more far away from her. She was feeling shame when she came back home looking at the colored pencils, than she is been way much more careful about where is she.

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  1. I agree with your reasons. The people in Ember are starting to have more far. All the black outs were like three minutes or four but the recent one was around seven. The citizens are afraid that one day in the future in ember the lights will turn of,blackout,and never ever come back.