Monday, October 28, 2013

Original Comic Strip – The Origin of the Eclipse


  1. Chloé,
    I think your original comic strip was really interesting. I had never thought of why eclipses happened. I think you had some elements of myths, but not a lot. The only ones I could find were the Gods, and an explanation of a natural phenomenon. I think that is what you needed to work on more. Another thing is that you could maybe take a better picture of your comic strip, for this one is almost illegible. Overall, I think your story was really good and the elements of a myth that you did do, you did really well.

  2. Chloé,
    I really like the originality of your myth, I have never seen anything like it. I really like your drawing because they are big and clear, although it would catch my eye more if you added more colors. From what I see, it's clear to me that your myth is about how eclipses form. Overall, I think it's a very open topic to make a comic of, because I think anyone in any place of the world would be able to understand it. Maybe some people know more about eclipses because they have seen it themselves, but people who haven't seen it with their own eyes, know a bit about this topic. Also, for those people who know nothing about eclipses, this piece of work leaves it open for them to be able to have a basic understanding.
    Great job!