Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Improvements Have I Made Ever Since My Writing Prompt Essay

A) I noticed that since my "Shut Down Your Screen Week" essay, my writing has improved a lot. I noticed that I only used basic transitions, only for example and some others. I didn't have transitions like furthermore or therefore, which are a bit more advanced. I didn't try to use hard vocabulary and I used to make many questions. I also used first person a lot. Since the second semester from seventh grade I have made a lot of improvement towards these things. I was always asking questions like "But why do you think people do this all the time."

B) I learned that to make a good argument you need precise evidence from the book, for example, you have to put page numbers, quotes, refutes to make a good argument. To have a good argumentative essay it is needed at least three paragraphs about three arguments that explain your opinion, and to have a better essay you can put a fourth paragraph with arguments. You also need a introduction that introduces clearly what you're going to talk about in you essay.

I choose this post because I think I did well on it, my friends feedback was good, I only needed to proofread some things. I think this semester was the one I did best in humanities since I participated more and I have asked for more help from my teacher. Also, when I did my essays I received better feedback since the first essay from the second semester, which made get a better grade than the one from last year.

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  1. I loved how you wrote about your improvement in content and in looks!
    Although, I would like to comment on your details. On paragraph B, you listed your improvement in counter-claims, examples, and page numbers, but you need to explain what made you change and how. For example, Mr. J told me to always write down the page numbers because the reader can understand better my ideas. Something related to that, do you know what I mean? What made you change your opinion about putting more examples and counter-claims. Expand your thinking, but good ideas!