Wednesday, October 1, 2014

CWW Reflection

Two weeks ago, the entire 8th grade went to Minas Gerais (Ouro Preto, Mariana and Brumadinho). While we were on the trip we took notes of things that could help us answer the essencial question (How can the world appear to be both permanent and changing?). We were all divided in six groups: Religions, visual arts, mineraroly, patrimony, urbanism, literature, and an extra group which was the twitter reporter.

While we were there we did many things. In the first day we went to a "Companhia de Teatro". On the second day we went to churches and we went to another theater company and at night we saw the "Congada". The third day we went to another mine and we had our variety show. The last day, we went to Inhotim and we came back to São Paulo. I thought the museum Inhotim and the "Congada" were the most fun things that happened because the audience could be part of the attraction.

About the essential question:
How can the world appear to be both permanent and changing?
I wasn't only a Twitter Reporter in the trip, I was also in the Mineralogy group so that's the group I used to answer the essential question. My answer is it impacted the people in the previous century due to the gigantic amount of gold and it still impacts people because they kept buying slaves so they could get all the money to the mines for themselves. People are still greedy in the same way today because whenever someone finds something precious they want to keep it all to themselves.

When we presented our project we made a pamphlet and a short movie. We put all the information and the answers to the questions in the pamphlet but we didn't actually talk like we were supposed to do. However, the information in the pamphlet was was good and we put everything that we learned in the trip.

I think that the CWW trip was really fun and I got to learn a lot in it!

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