Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summative Post

Historical Context Question

1. How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel?  What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

The cultural events heavily influenced the novel because the narrator and the author were telling the stories after they experienced how it is to be someone chinese during the cultural revolution. Ji-li Jiang's decisions were made based upon the cutural revolution, "I had only wanted to break with all those landlords in my family, not with Mom and Dad. Would changing my name mean breaking off relations with them?"(Jiang, Pg 301). This quote was made by Ji-li when she decided she would not have the same name as the landlords that were in her family. However, she didn't know that to do that she would have to completely split up with her family. She had decided that she wanted to be from another family because the cultural revolution was influencing people to think that whoever was a counterrrevolutionary or a landlord was someone from a black family, and in this case Ji-li is connected to her grandfather, a man that was a landlord when alive.

I chose this picture because it represents how Ji-li was feeling that life was giving her a slap in the face all the time since no good things happened to her or her family.

Literary Analysis Question

2. How does the protagonist change from the beginning to the end of the novel?  What does this character learn about himself (or herself) and about how the world works?

Ji-li changed a lot throughout the novel because in the beggining she thought that everything about the cultural revolution was right and there was nothing wrong with it. However, throughout the book she started noticing that the cultural revolution was spliting families up, killing people and disonoring everyone who had a blood connection with these people. Ji-li notices that now that the cultural revolution was going on China had been completely modified and everything that was considered a four old had to be destroyed, and the things considered four olds were most of the furniture found in the house of the chinese.

I chose this picture because Ji-li started realising how the cultural revolution actually worked and how cruel it was.

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