Thursday, April 2, 2015

Anne Frank Missing Scene Reflection

While me and my group were working on the Anne Frank missing scene we learned a lot about the Holocaust. We also had a lecture from Mr. Lippman and a guest speaker, Nanette, who actually was friends with Anne Frank. We also learned about the Holocaust through the book Diary of Anne Frank and a documentary about Anne's life during Hitler's rise to power. We found out that she wanted her diary to be published so people would know about her story and the Holocaust. We discovered many things about the Holocaust in general, but these were the things that we mostly learned about in this quarter.


I chose this blog post because it represents the things we learned about the Holocaust this year. It is also something that made me think about how the class topics from previous years were much more light and easier than now.

The core value I was best at this quarter was Balanced, because when I did my humanities work I did a little bit of everything so I didn't have to do a bunch of stuff in the last second.

The core value I need to improve this quarter is Risk-taker, because I didn't interact much in class and I was scared of making mistakes that the rest of the class would laugh about.

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