Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Literature Circle Reflection #3

Today in my Literature Circle we had many more questions than answers since we had many things to debate about the book, which had many plot twists and problems to discuss. However, today Gabi was really good in the discussion and came up with many things that pushed our thinking forward and had many good questions. For example, Gabi said that Squealer used Snowball to blame things that were bad that were happening on the farm. We had a lot of discussion with that. Me and my group thought that Snowball had died when the nine dogs were shown again and chased him but we decided to go with the book and believe that Snowball was still alive. However, we didn't agree that it was really him doing the things around the farm, but merely an illusion of the animals's minds.

The best question that popped up in today's discussion was:
Do you believe life in the farm now is better or worse than with Jones? Why? (Gabi again).

I believe that life in the farm is now worse because when Jones was still in power the animals didn't have so much work and they only were to be slaughtered if they were useless, but now animals are killed because of crimes instead of just being unished. Plus, with Jones the animals didn't go through a large period of starvation, it only lasted a mere day.

Something that I have to think about in my opinion is:
Was Snowball really consipiring with other animals or was it all just a setup (their imagination)?

In the book Snowball was conspiring with other animals so he could take over the farm. However, some of the things animals told were rather unrealistic. For example, the hens said Snowball told them to go against Napoleon on a dream. But only because he was in their dreams it doesn't mean he actually gave that message, since no one can control their dreams. Therefore, I think that the animals only went through illusions when they said they were working for Snowball.


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