Monday, April 13, 2015

SLC Student Reflection

How have I grown as a student?

Since I entered Graded I have grown a lot as a student. I remember trying to do essays the wrong way, for example, I would put questions in the middle of the paper. I also have improved in my english. I remember that I used to speak british english because I learned english in the school Cultura Inglesa. My english was very different and I couldn't understand anything anyone said and no one understood me either. But now my english is way better and so is my writing skill, and I have improved a lot since I entered Graded in 6th grade.

Looking at my previous years’ posts, what did I struggle with that continues to be difficult for me? Why?  What strategies have I used to try to improve?  Have those strategies worked?

A few years ago I used to struggle a lot in my blog posts since my english was bad and I barely understood anything in class. I used to need help from my teachers and my parents to be able to do a decent blog post. I tried to put my mind into class even more and I also asked for help from my EAP teacher, Ms. Lewis. It worked a lot because now-a-days my english is way better and sometimes I manage to help my friends from my old school with their english.

What am I truly proud of?  Is it because it was easy for me, people told me I did a good job or because I worked hard?  What does that say about me as a learner?

I am really proud of my achievements this year, because I managed to get many 5s and 6s, and a couple of 7s, and I was never assessed with the 1-7 grading system. I was really proud of me not only because of that but also because I really tried to work hard this year since everything was way harder. And I think that shows that once I put my mind into something I can be a really good learner.

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