Monday, August 3, 2015

Science Goals

1. What is your goal for the semester?

Being able to do better in class and paying more attention to the lesson since I am easily distracted, and work harder.

2. Why did you choose this goal?

Because in the previous year I was constantly asking my friends about what to do since I spent most of the time thinking about something else while I was supposed to pay attention to the teacher. I was also doing something off-task during the work time because I got easily distracted and was normally not done with the work by the end of class.

3. Tell something about yourself as a science learner:

a. Something you're proud of;

I am proud of my roller-coaster fair project, because me and my group did a very good job with it. We worked very hard to get to the final product and we had a good looking and functionable roller coaster.

b. Challenges you face;

Science class has a very hard vocabulary for me because whenever we talk about things it contains the scientific name that I cn't pronounce, much less remember, so I've always had a struggle in science because of that, but in the end I actually manage to remember in time for the test most of the times.

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