Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Teen Relationships - Blog 10 - Health

1) What do you think are some of the most challenging issues, or situations, that a teen may face when they are in a sexual relationship? Explain why.

Either the lack of new activities because they are not as interested in other things in the relationship, or the pressure they receive from their parters, peers and maybe family. For example, if your partner has already had sex with you and you are now facing a situation in which you are alone the only things they could probably wanto do is have sex again, until it becomes dull to have activities from before they began having sex. they may also get pressure from the people around them to either have sex when they don't want to or are not prepared, or to engage in different ways on a sexual activity, like oral sex in which the person may not be ready for.

2) Do you think most teens understand the realities of a sexual relationship? Why, or why not?

No, because first of all teens feel like if their partner is going to break up with them or are getting bored with them they have the need to have sex, which is not true. They may also feel like some consequences from sexual relationships may not happen for their own reasons and have unprotected sex, which can lead them to be wrong about their guess. Lastly, they feel like their partner is always being honest to them in this matter (for example an STD) but sometimes they aren't which can lead to bad decisions.

3) Do you feel that there are people in your own life that you can speak to about your questions on dating and sexual relationships (including questions about sex, issues on pregnancy, contraception and STDs)?   Who are they and explain why you feel you can talk to them about these issues.

Yes, because these are people in which I can have any type of conversation with, and that even though I may make a decision that will lead to bad consequences, instead of having me scolded or made me even more stressed about these problems they would be there to support me no matter what happened.

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