Thursday, February 18, 2016

Science - Food and Nutrition Project


Research Question: How does your body react to an excess and/or lack of food?

List the major steps of the process:
Making a question, gathering the information, connecting the information to what has already been learnt, making the citations as well as finding reliable sites, making the presentation.

What is the most important science related thing you learnt during this project?
How critically and easily a person's body changes by excessing in food or lacking in food.

What else did you learn during this project?
How extreme some symptoms could be when overfeeding.

What do you wish you had spent more time on or had done differently?
I wish I had worked more on connecting to what we had previously worked on in class.

What part of the project was the most challenging for you and why?
Gathering the new information that was used in scientific research since different sites mentioned different effects.

What part of the project did you do your best work on and why?
The presentation, because the information and the citations are labeled neatly.

What Graded Core Value do you think demonstrated the most, and why, when working on the project?
Perseverance, because sometimes I would find information that differed in many sites but I kept researching and trying to find out what was correct to use in my presentation.

What was the most enjoyable part of the project?
Managing to put all of the information I had together into the final result.

What was the least enjoyable part of the project?
Seeing how the information didn't match sometimes,

If you could change something about the project, what would it be, and why?
The amount of time given to work on it, because I had to do it during most of the break and it kept stressing me about how I didn't know if I would have to redo a lot of things since I couldn't check even with some of my peers.

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