Thursday, October 6, 2016

Respectful Young Man

For the "Catcher in the Rye" project I decided to draw a scene from the story which I considered was important to the plot and understanding of the narrative. It is a drawing of the moment in which Holden lets Sunny into his hotel room but can't do anything but have a normal conversation with her and I analyzed why was it that Holden merely talked to Sunny and what were his ideals and beliefs in matters of respecting women.

I chose to draw an image of the beginning of the scene in which Sunny is taken to Holden’s hotel room after being paid by Maurice. I believe that scene shows the way Holden thinks about women and his level of respect for them, or at least most of the women he is shown interacting with in the narrative. He paid Maurice to send a prostitute to his bedroom as Holden believes he needed to grow up, even though he think nearly all adults are phonies. He tries thinking of women in the same way as others but he can’t since he still is very attached to his ideals of innocence so instead of having sex with Sunny as planned he decides to have a normal conversation, which leads to the both of them having problems later on in the story.
Instead of treating Sunny like any other girl Holden can’t handle that idea so he treats her with respect and tries being more friendly with her (as shown in my creative piece when he can’t talk to her normally), which may also be just a fear of what might happen if he doesn’t treat her
with said respect. In my creative piece I showed a part of the scene just as Sunny entered Holden’s room in which he’s trying to keep his cool and act normal while also keeping his belief that instead of just using her as a way of having pleasure he thinks of her as a human and treats her with respect.
In conclusion, though Holden tries to be more like others he sticks to his ideals when the matter is respecting women in any sort of situations, regardless of who the woman is or what she has done.

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